Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I want to get really excited about big blockbusters movies.  Honest, I really want to get super excited but I also don't want to get my hopes up.  I know tha some of the Summer Blockbusters got my hopes up so high that they slammed them to the ground like a masked Mexican wrestler once I sit down to watch them.

Among the biggest dissapointments:
  • Star Wars Episodes I, II, III
    • Jar-Jar Binks - enough said
  • Daredevil (Ben Affleck)
    • Ben, stop trying to be Matt Damon
  • Elektra 
    • I love love love Jennifer Garner.  This being said, I was dissapointed in the lack of depth of everything.  I feel like they were trying to get some depth with a tragic back story.  
  • Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)
    • I watched this movie once with a HUGE Green Lantern fan, like read all of the comics and has a room full of signed stuff - he was not amused. 
    • First off - who thinks that Blake Lively could be a fighter pilot? I mean really?  
The movies that I let slide because I lowered my expectation enough
  • the Amazing Spiderman
    • I liked it, but I also went into it really excited that it wasn't Toby 
  • The Expendables I and II
    • Something about knowing what you're getting yourself into that makes the ride worthwhile.  
    • to quote my brother "the plot never got in the way of the action, and I liked that."
  • The Hunger Games
    • I know that the book was better.  The book was so much better - BUT - I did like that the stark difference between the districts and the Capitol.  
    • Spoiles here but the book is a couple years old, so I think it should be ok at this point...
    • Where the hell was MADGE?  This sets up a lot in the second book. 
    • Peeta's leg
    • Mutt faces
    • Again, the book was better - but I lowered my expectation to know that the spectical was going to be worth it.

The movies that knocked my socks off and blew my expectation out of the water: 
  • Avengers (Joss is one of us)
    • There's just something about a nerd writing for his fellow nerds that  I love.  And the man candy was amazing.  
    • Loki was amazing and he stole the show.  It takes a very strong bad guy to make me want to cheer for world wide domination.  He played his alignment so well.
  • The Dark Knight Rises
    • see - I'm Marvel and DC friendly.  
    • I didn't see the twist until the end, but I had an inkling something was coming...spoilers
    • I don't think I could have asked more from Bane.  Again, a strong bad guy really makes the movies rock
This is just a short list.  Many others exist, but I will just start it slow today.  Feel free to comment on movies that you think should fit in the list, and provide some sort of support.  


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