Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review Time: The Legend of the Blue Eyes

The Legend of the Blue Eyes, by B. Kristin McMichael 

Let me first start by saying there are a lot of Y.A. Supernatural books on the market.  McMichael sets her world apart from the others by creating a main character that you believe.  Arianna is an average young woman, raised as an average teenager until her 16th Birthday reveals that she isn’t quite like all the others around her.  If I had to compare it to something, I would call it Princess Diaries meets Supernatural. 

The story touches on themes present in some other Supernatural YA: loyalty, trust, romance, teenage love, feuding clans, and ancient power struggles.  McMichael uses these as tools to tell her story and surround the main character with many of the same choices as a YA audience.  Although one of the readers may not be caught in a power struggle between two houses, the average sixteen year old feels every decision is a major life decision.  Readers will relate to the fast paced world and see the world set before them through Arianna’s eyes. 

I was half way through the book when I secretly wished for a second book.  I wanted more words and more characters to help me immerse myself in the world McMichael created.  I enjoy character driving story telling.  McMichael creates a world where all act according to their natures.  The story feels natural, not forced, and is the first of a trilogy that I look forward to reading. 

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